Can I track an iPhone with an android?

Can a Android Phone Track an iPhone?

You only need to log in to Cocospy dashboard using any browser in your Android phone to start tracking an iPhone. With Cocospy, you can track call logs and contacts on the target iPhone remotely. The app gives you access to call log of all incoming and outgoing calls on the target iPhone.

Can I monitor my child’s iPhone from Android?

Keep in mind that parents with an iPhone can manage their child’s Android phone, but the reverse (a parent using an Android phone to monitor a child’s iPhone) is not possible. With Google Family Link, parents can limit how much time their child spends on the phone daily and block access to the phone at bedtime.

How can I track an iPhone without the person knowing Android?

Track an iPhone Without Them Knowing with Google Timeline

If you urgently need to detect a target iPhone’s location, you can use Google Timeline. It allows you to use gps, track iPhone without them knowing, and be aware of the needed person’s whereabouts.

Can you track an iPhone from a Samsung?

GPS Tracking Apps

Locating an iPhone with a GPS tracking software is yet another option. However, a GPS tracking program must be installed before the phone is lost. On both iOS and Android devices, you can use one of the trusted GPS tracking applications. Use the same app on both devices to find your misplaced phone.

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How can I secretly track my iPhone?

How To Secretly Track An Iphone For Free?

  1. There are a few ways to do this.
  2. One way is to use a tracking app like mSpy or FlexiSPY.
  3. These apps allow you to track the location of the phone.
  4. Also see all of the calls and text messages that are sent and received.
  5. Another way is to use a service like Find My iPhone.

How can I track a iPhone location?

You can use Find My iPhone on to find the approximate location of your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch, AirPods, and Beats product if Find My is set up and the device is online. To sign in to Find My iPhone, go to

Can I monitor child’s iPhone remotely?

The new iOS 14 updates in apple devices that parents must know have brought something useful for parents. There is a newly added feature in iPhone, like parental control for parents with iOS updates. With this update, parents can set screen time, control, and manage their child’s phone screen time remotely.

Can I track a cell phone with just a number?

Can you track the location of a cell phone just by its number? There are only two legitimate ways to do so: You can use a phone lookup service to locate any phone in a general area. You can track the phone and its number by using a phone spy app.