You asked: Is it possible to detect Android app uninstall?

How can I tell if an Android app has been uninstalled?

Open the Google Play app on your Android phone or tablet, and tap on the menu button (the three lines that show up in the upper left corner). When the menu is revealed, tap on “My apps & games.” Next, tap on the “All” button, and that’s it: you’ll be able to check all your apps & games, both uninstalled, and installed.

Can you track app uninstall?

Once the user uninstalls your app, they are unlikely to come back – tracking uninstall metrics will effectively improve your retention strategy and you will get a complete picture of the relevant metrics.

How do I track uninstall on Android?

Select the gear icon and go to Project Settings > Cloud Messaging. In your Singular account, go to Settings > Apps, find the app for which you want to track uninstalls, and select Edit. Under Uninstall Tracking, add the Project Number (Sender ID on Firebase) and Server Key.

Do companies know when you uninstall an app?

The unsatisfying answer: Yes and no. The app can’t follow you around and know your whereabouts. But app developers can engage in “tagging,” leaving behind a unique ID on an iPhone so the developer can recall the apps that were on it and the last Wi-Fi network the phone was logged onto.

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How does firebase track uninstall?

Firebase analytics track an event called app_remove , which is one of the automatically collected Firebase events. The app_remove event is an Android-only event that is tracked when an application package is removed or uninstalled from the device, irrespective of the installation source.

How do I find recently deleted apps?

How to See Recently Deleted Apps via Play Store?

  1. Go to Google Play and tap on the Menu. Go to the Google Play Store and log in using your Google account. …
  2. Choose My Apps and Games. From the menu, select the My Apps and Games option. …
  3. Tap on All option. …
  4. Find the deleted apps and tap on Install.

How can you tell if someone has uninstalled an app?

Detecting Android uninstalls

  1. Send a silent push notification to the GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) server. …
  2. The GCM server will send a message or query the device.
  3. The GCM client will receive the message and will query the Package Manager about whether there are broadcast receivers that are configured to receive it.

How do I uninstall something from Google Play console?

All you have to do is connect you on your Google Play Console and find on statistics tab, the number of uninstalls. You can also check on the dashboard the number of installs and uninstalls for the last week, month or year.

Can an app track you?

An Oxford University study of nearly 1 million free Android apps in 2018 revealed that the majority of mobile apps contain utilities from companies — including Alphabet, Facebook, Twitter, Verizon, Microsoft and Amazon — that enable them to track and send data about users to these companies.

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Does uninstalling app remove permissions?

In generally speaking, there is no such need to revert the permission given to an app after uninstalling it. Because the permission you given is only for the app. Without the app residing on your phone, there is no effect of the permission given.

What happens to your information when you delete an app?

Sure, getting rid of the program removes the item from your device, but what it doesn’t do is remove any accounts that may be associated with the application. These accounts, no matter how benign the app may be, contain the personal data that you provided the app.