How do I find the MAC address in Unix?

How do I find MAC address on Linux?

On a Linux machine

  1. Open a terminal window.
  2. Type ifconfig at the command prompt. Your MAC address will be displayed beside the label HWaddr.

How do I find MAC address in shell?

The best Linux command to find MAC address is using ifconfig command. All we need is to open the terminal then type ifconfig -a in the prompt. The number next to ether is the MAC address. This command will list network interface name,Ip address, MTU size, etc.

How do I find my MAC address in putty?

Start typing cmd and select Command Prompt from the menu. Type ipconfig /all and press Enter. This will display your network configuration. Look for the MAC address listed as Physical Address.

How do I find MAC address?

How do I find my MAC address?

  1. Press Start + R on your keyboard.
  2. In the Run window, type in cmd and click OK.
  3. At the command prompt, type ipconfig /all and hit Enter.
  4. The MAC address for each interface will be listed as Physical Address.
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How can I find the MAC address of a remote IP address?

Option 2

  1. Hold down the “Windows Key” and press “R“.
  2. Type “CMD“, then press “Enter“.
  3. You can use one of the following commands: GETMAC /s computername – Get MAC Address remotely by Computer Name. GETMAC /s – Get MAC Address by IP Address. GETMAC /s localhost – Get local MAC Address.

What is MAC address in Linux?

A MAC address is the unique identifier that is assigned by the manufacturer to a piece of network hardware (like a wireless card or an ethernet card). MAC stands for Media Access Control, and each identifier is intended to be unique to a particular device.

How do I find my MAC address without ifconfig?

If your Linux OS does not have the ifconfig command, you may also use the ip addr command.

How do I find my eth0 MAC address in Linux?


  1. As the root user (or user with appropriate permissions)
  2. Type “ifconfig -a”
  3. From the displayed information, find eth0 (this is the default first Ethernet adapter)
  4. Locate the number next to the HWaddr. This is your MAC address.

Where do you find a MAC address on a MAC?

Macintosh OS X:

  1. Select Apple Icon > System Preferences > Network > Advanced. A network box displays.
  2. Select WiFi. A WiFi Address or Airport Address displays. This is your device’s MAC address.

How do I see all MAC addresses on my network?

How to Find All IP Addresses on a Network

  1. Open the command prompt.
  2. Enter the command “ipconfig” for Mac or “ifconfig” on Linux. …
  3. Next, input the command “arp -a”. …
  4. Optional: Input the command “ping -t”.
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What is ipconfig MAC?

Ipconfig Mac – Just like you you can open command prompt in Windows and hit “ipconfig” to get your local LAN/WLAN IP address, you have the same option on a Mac in OS X with the command “ifconfig”. Simply open up the terminal, eg. by pressing cmd+space and typing “terminal”. Then type “ifconfig” and hit enter.

How do I find the MAC address of a connected device?

Tap the Settings app. Tap About Phone or About Device. Tap Status or Hardware Information. Scroll down to see your Wi-Fi MAC address.

  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Click Network.
  3. Under Preferred Networks, select the network connection you are using, then click Advanced. The MAC address is listed as Wi-Fi Address.