How do I remove Dell logo from BIOS?

Access the BIOS and look for anything that refers to turning on, on/off, or showing the splash screen (the wording differs by BIOS version). Set the option to disabled or enabled, whichever is opposite of how it is currently set. When set to disabled, the screen no longer appears.

Pressing the key will have No effect on the splash screen either. For Dell™ Inspiron™ 3500, 5000, 7500, and 7000 Systems. Pressing the key will remove the Dell splash screen temporarily.

How do I change my startup logo on BIOS?

Here are the steps to customize the BIOS logo:

  1. Access the Computer Setup utility, and select System Configuration.
  2. Select Device Configurations, UEFI Boot Mode, Enabled.
  3. Select the custom logo image you want to use, and then use the imaging software to convert the image to a bitmap (.

What is the Dell splash screen?

The splash screen is an introduction page that is displayed as a program or computer is loading or booting. For example, when a Microsoft Windows computer is starting up, there is a Windows splash screen that is displayed while Windows is loading.

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How do you reset the custom BIOS splash screen to the Dell splash screen?

How do you reset the custom BIOS splash screen to the Dell splash screen?

  1. Go to the Dell Support site.
  2. Type in your Service Tag or Express Service Code. …
  3. Go to the Drivers and Downloads drawer.
  4. Ensure the correct operating system is set.
  5. Select BIOS from the Category drop-down menu.

How do I remove the startup image from my laptop?

You can remove boot animation in BIOS settings. During POST press F1, F10, or ESC (depending on the manufacturer) and then go to the startup settings. Disable the boot animation from there.

How do I change the Dell BIOS splash icon on my Dell laptop?

Go to the Drivers and Downloads drawer. Ensure that the correct operating system is set. Select BIOS from the Category drop-down menu.

If you are looking to:

  1. You want to rule out something wrong with the custom logo.
  2. The company is looking to sell the computer on.
  3. You want to set the logo back to the default Dell logo.

The only supported way to replace the startup logo with a custom logo is to modify the Boot Graphics Resource Table (BGRT) on a device that uses UEFI as the firmware interface. If your device uses the BGRT to include a custom logo, it is always displayed and you cannot suppress the custom logo.

How do I disable Dell startup?

Click Ok and then Restart.

  1. Click the. button.
  2. Click Run.
  3. Type msconfig and press Enter.
  4. Select Selective startup under the General tab. …
  5. Clear Load startup items.
  6. Click the Services tab.
  7. Check Hide all Microsoft services.
  8. Click Disable all.
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How do I change my BIOS from legacy to UEFI?

In the BIOS Setup Utility, select Boot from the top menu bar. The Boot menu screen appears. Select the UEFI/BIOS Boot Mode field and use the +/- keys to change the setting to either UEFI or Legacy BIOS. To save changes and exit BIOS, press the F10 key.

How do I change the boot logo in Windows 10 UEFI?

There is no setting or registry hack in Windows 10 to change the boot logo, sometimes the manufacturer of your PC may provide a setting in BIOS to change that logo. If there is no setting in your BIOS to change the logo, the you would need to use a utility like HackBGRT, though I do not recommend doing that.