Which protocol does tenable recommend using to perform credentialed scans of UNIX hosts?

What is Nessus credentialed scan?

Credentialed scans are scans in which the scanning computer has an account on the computer being scanned that allows the scanner to do a more thorough check looking for problems that can not be seen from the network.

What protocols does Nessus use?

Note that Nessus also uses the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to make version and information queries to routers and switches. The scan or policy’s Credentials page allows you to configure the Nessus scanner to use authentication credentials during scanning.

What protocol S is best used to perform a credentialed scan of a Cisco IOS device?

Nessus uses Secure Shell (SSH) for credentialed scans on Cisco devices.

What port does Tenable scan use?

Nessus requires port TCP/443 to communicate with Tenable.io and TCP/8834 for Ten- able.

What ports are required for Tenable?

Port Requirements

Port Traffic from
TCP 443 Standalone Nessus or Nessus Manager
TCP 443 Nessus Agents
TCP 443 Tenable.sc
TCP 8834 (customizable) Management Workstation

Why should you use credentialed scans?

Credentialed scanning provides more accurate scanning to better identify weak configurations, missing patches and similar vulnerabilities, which in turn further strengthens the security program (or at least provides insight on where improvements are needed).

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What is the difference between Tenable IO and Tenable SC?

When visibility and insight matter most, Tenable.io helps you truly understand your Cyber Exposure. Tenable SC is an on-premises vulnerability management solution that offers complete visibility into the security measures of your complex IT infrastructure.

Can Tenable scan network devices?

Nessus is now able to audit network devices without scanning the devices. Network device auditing can be difficult for several reasons. The network department may be very protective of the organization’s network infrastructure equipment and the credentials to those systems.

How does Tenable IO scan work?

Tenable.io Container Security stores and scans container images as the images are built, before production. It provides vulnerability and malware detection, along with continuous monitoring of container images.

Can Nessus scan switches?

Now when we touched on management interfaces of switches, Nessus can also perform variety of credentialed (authenticated) tests of the switches. You can do patch audit, policy compliance test or configuration audit of switches.