How do I change directories in Linux terminal?

How do I change directories in terminal?

To change directories, use the command cd followed by the name of the directory (e.g. cd downloads ). Then, you can print your current working directory again to check the new path.

How do I navigate to a directory in Linux?

You may also use arrow buttons or keys to back track. cd command. You can use cd .. to move one directory back, or cd ./path/to/another/folder to jump through many folders into a specific location.

How do I change directory in Ubuntu terminal?

How to change directory in Linux terminal

  1. To return to the home directory immediately, use cd ~ OR cd.
  2. To change into the root directory of Linux file system, use cd / .
  3. To go into the root user directory, run cd /root/ as root user.
  4. To navigate up one directory level up, use cd ..

How do I change my directory?

Open the Command prompt, type in cd followed by the directory you want to move into, and hit Enter. Change the Windows directory by entering the drive name followed by : in the Command prompt, and hit Enter. In the Command prompt, type cd and drag the folder you want to move into from the GUI.

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How do I change directories in Mac terminal?

How to access other folders/directories. When you’re in the Finder and you want to move to another folder, you find that folder and double-click it. From the command line, you use the cd (or change directory) command instead.

How do I navigate in Linux terminal?

Navigate directories. Open a window, double-click on a folder, and then double-click on a sub-folder. Use the Back button to backtrack. The cd (change directory) command moves you into a different directory.

How do I go to a directory in terminal?

cd path-to-directory : The command followed by a path allows you to change into a specified directory (such as a directory named documents ). cd .. (two dots). The .. means “the parent directory” of your current directory, so you can use cd .. to go back (or up) one directory.

How do I change user directory in Linux?

You can use the usermod command to change the default home directory for a user. What this command does is edit the file /etc/passwd. Opening /etc/passwd you will find there is a line for every user, including system users (mysql, posftix, etc), with seven fields per line denoted by colons.