What is the use of curl command in Linux?

What is Linux curl used for?

curl is a command-line utility for transferring data from or to a server designed to work without user interaction. With curl , you can download or upload data using one of the supported protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, SCP , SFTP , and FTP .

Why do we use curl?

It uses URL syntax to transfer data to and from servers. curl is a widely used because of its ability to be flexible and complete complex tasks. For example, you can use curl for things like user authentication, HTTP post, SSL connections, proxy support, FTP uploads, and more!

Where is curl command used?


  1. In Windows, create a folder called curl in your C: drive.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file and move the curl.exe file to your C:curl folder.
  3. Move the cacert. …
  4. Add the curl folder path to your Windows PATH environment variable so that the curl command is available from any location at the command prompt.

What is curl command and how do you use it?

curl is a command-line tool to transfer data to or from a server, using any of the supported protocols (HTTP, FTP, IMAP, POP3, SCP, SFTP, SMTP, TFTP, TELNET, LDAP, or FILE). curl is powered by Libcurl. This tool is preferred for automation since it is designed to work without user interaction.

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What is cURL command in Postman?

Postman is an API testing environment. cURL is a command line tool for transfering data via URLs. When it comes to REST APIs, we can use Postman as a GUI (graphical user interface) and cURL as a CLI (command line interface) to do the same tasks.

What is cURL in API?

‘cURL’ is a command-line tool that lets you transmit HTTP requests and receive responses from the command line or a shell script. It is available for Linux distributions, Mac OS X, and Windows. To use cURL to run your REST web API call, use the cURL command syntax to construct the command.

Does curl use browser?

Curl is commonly considered a non-interactive web browser. That means it’s able to pull information from the internet and display it in your terminal or save it to a file.

Does postman use curl?

You can construct a request in Postman and convert it to cURL using the code snippet generator. Running cURL commands in a more user-friendly way. You can import a cURL request into Postman and run it.

What are the advantages of using cURL over the browser?

Using curl

  • Ability to manage HTTP Requests / Responses in a Repeatable , Programmatic way.
  • Ability to quickly test HTTP HTTP Requests in away that can be automated.
  • Allows ability to make adjustments as the security professional works.
  • Ability to support numerous protocols even if a UI is not present.

Is cURL secure?

cURL is a command-line tool for getting or sending data including files using URL syntax. Since cURL uses libcurl, it supports every protocol libcurl supports. cURL supports HTTPS and performs SSL certificate verification by default when a secure protocol is specified such as HTTPS.

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How do I download cURL on Linux?

Installing cURL for Ubuntu Linux

The procedure to install cURL on Ubuntu Linux is as follows: Update your Ubuntu box, run: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade. Next, install cURL, execute: sudo apt install curl. Verify install of curl on Ubuntu by running: curl –version.

How do you write cURL command in Linux?

15 Tips On How to Use ‘Curl’ Command in Linux

  1. Download a File. If you want to download a file, you can use curl with the -O or -o options. …
  2. Download Multiple Files. With the following command you will download info. …
  3. Use a Proxy with or without Authentication. …
  4. Specify User Agent.

What is cURL and wget?

wget is more like cp , using the same analogue. Single shot. curl is basically made to do single-shot transfers of data. It transfers just the URLs that the user specifies, and does not contain any recursive downloading logic nor any sort of HTML parser.

What is cURL 52 empty reply from server?

curl (52) empty reply from server occurs when the libcurl didn’t receive any response from the server after it sent off its request.